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**Updated February 2017
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Welcome to the National Golden Retriever Council’s web site (NGRC).  The NGRC is the national organisation representing the interests of Golden Retriever enthusiasts through the authority of the Golden Retriever Clubs of Australia.
Twenty years on, it is worth remembering the incoming President’s ideas, expressed at the NGRC’s inaugural meeting, of what a Breed Council should try to achieve and how it should operate.
My feelings are that to work, a Breed Council should divorce itself completely from any Club politics.  Each Club reports to the Breed Council, but in no way does the Council talk with individual members of each Club. The Council gives support to the breed Clubs in each state but does not interfere with the running of the individual breed Clubs.

The Council should be accessible to the members of these Clubs, through official channels via the Clubs. The Council should be a group that has the best of the breed at heart in whatever it does.

The Council should have worldwide links – it gives the opportunity for contact with other countries.
Barbara Moore, March 1995.

The NGRC cannot direct you to individual club members, breeders or any other person associated with the Australian Golden Retriever Clubs.  Please contact the Golden Retriever Club in your State for information and advice relating to the golden retriever (see Contacts)

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