The National Golden Retriever Council recognises all genuine efforts to eliminate inherited disease in the hips, elbows, eyes and heart.  In order to better understand the nature and impact of inherited disease in the breed, the NGRC refers golden retriever owners/breeders to the following “Breed Improvement Schemes” data collections:  NGRC Register of Golden Retrievers Screened for Hereditary Disease (1996).  Not currently available.

Data Maintenance, Security and Storage:

The NGRC’s data collection is maintained by the NGRC Secretary until such time as the NGRC makes an alternative arrangement. The data backup is currently stored with Dogs ACT until arrangements for alternative secure storage space are made.

**  The NGRC is not responsible for the accuracy of data published by K9 Data.

National Register of Golden Retrievers Screened for Inherited Disease in the Hips and Elbows:

  • The NGRC is currently negotiating access to the ANKC’s hip and elbow data collection which dates back to 2000.  The NGRC is also seeking access to Dr Malcolm Willis’s historical data.  The NGRC hopes to have access to the ANKC’s hip and elbow information before the end of 2013.
  • Current arrangements for the publication of the ANKC’s data are that the NGRC will seek consent from individual dog owners to publish all information in a restricted open register linked to this web site.  The restricted open register will be password protected and visible only to current ANKC registered breeders and owners of golden retrievers .
  • Consent to publish the ANKC data is voluntary and where no consent is provided, the information will be stored for statistical purposes only.  INFORMATION SHEET AND CONSENT FORM
  • The NGRC previously published a small collection of hip and elbow evaluations submitted by Dr R Wyburn.  Breeders who wish to see their information republished via this web site should download and complete the “Information Sheet and Consent Form” – see link :  INFORMATION SHEET AND CONSENT FORM

Golden Retriever Progeny Tests for Hip Scores – collected by Dr Malcolm Willis (UK)

  • Golden Retriever breeders will be aware of Dr Malcolm Willis’s pioneering work in compilation of Progeny Test Tables for the breed in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand over many years.  Following his retirement, the Australia National Kennel Council acquired Dr Willis’s data collection and is currently working on analysis and publication of the results.  In the meantime, recent information compiled through the work of University of Sydney and Dr Karen Hedberg can be viewed via the link posted above.

ANKC – Golden Retriever Sire – Progeny Statistics – 2011

  • ThIs is a collection of statistics compiled by the ANKC in 2011 for 39 sires with greater than 10 scored progeny.  The Breed Council had no role in the collation of these results and makes no judgements on the inclusion of “dam” statistics or otherwise.
  • Select the link below for the ANKC’s Sire-Progeny Statistics to which Dr Hedberg’s Report refers:

    NGRC Data Collection – Login

    K9 is an open database for Golden Retriever pedigrees and health information. This database consists entirely of information provided by end users. The providers of this site hereby disclaim any liability for the accuracy or meaning of any such information provided in the site. Users hereby agree to use or rely on such information solely at their own risk.
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    K9data provides pedigree searches which include siblings, offspring and co-efficients of inbreeding and is, therefore, a valuable tool for Golden Retriever enthusiasts.

    The National Golden Retriever Council wishes to acknowledge and thank the creator of K9data,
    Ms Amy Raby (nee Burzynski) for permission to include K9data on its website.