The National Golden Retriever Council agreed to conduct research into the age and cause of death for golden retrievers in 2002-3 after anecdotal information revealed the possibility of a significant incidence of premature death in the breed.

Participation in this survey is open to all pure breed golden retriever owners, whether ANKC registered breeders/owners, non-ANKC registered breeder/owners or pet owners. Participation by overseas golden retriever owners is welcome. Please complete this survey for every deceased pure bred golden retriever you have owned, complete one survey for each dog. Please do not complete the survey for dogs which are not pure bred golden retrievers.

We ask you to provide the ANKC registered name of your golden retriever (deceased). We require this information to ensure that the information collected is valid and not duplicated. Your dog will not be identified in any way in the study outcomes.

Please Click here to take the survey