History and Purpose of the Breed Council

There are six breed clubs in Australia. In 1995 by agreement between the Golden Retriever Clubs in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia the The National Golden Retriever Council (NGRC) was formed. All clubs were represented by 1997 -98 when New South Wales and Tasmania joined.
The foundation President was Barbara Moore and Foundation Secretary-Treasurer, Irene Nicholl, both members of the Golden Retriever Club of South Australia.

At the inaugural meeting the Presidents words were:

“My feelings are that to work, a Breed Council should divorce itself completely from any Club politics.

Each Club reports to the Breed Council, but in no way does the Council talk with individual members of each Club.

The Council gives support to the breed Clubs in each state but does not interfere with the running of the individual breed Clubs.

The Council should be accessible to the members of these Clubs, through official channels via the Clubs. The Council should be a group that has the best of the breed at heart in whatever it does.

The Council should have worldwide links – it gives the opportunity for contact with other countries.”
Barbara Moore, March 1995.

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No National voice and No National get togethers.