NGRC Breed Survey on the “Cause of Death of in Golden Retrievers”:

In 2003, the NGRC lodged a proposal for Australian National Kennel Council research funding to examine the “Cause of Premature Death in Golden Retrievers”. While the project was deemed worthy, it was suggested that the NGRC undertake some preliminary research in this area.

The NGRC subsequently developed a questionnaire for golden retriever owners on the “Cause of Death in Golden Retrievers”.NGRC Member Clubs are asked to encourage all golden retriever owners to participate in this survey via this web site.

The focal point of the research is age and cause of death. While you are asked to provide the name of your dog, this information will not be linked or published in the study outcomes and your confidentiality will be maintained at all times. Please consider participating in this survey for the ultimate benefit of all golden retrievers.