Judge:  Mrs Heather Morss (Xanthos, UK)

Baby Dog (7 entries, 1 absent)

  1. Goldtreve Camrose Kraka * – R M Peirce -Very confident well named baby puppy who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. He is utterly balanced, topline and tail set are perfect. Good angles both fore and aft, excellent pigment and nice dark eye. Super front with well tucked in elbows. Wish him all the best for the future.

  2. Goldew Elusive Dream J McDonald –  Super outline, good bone and angles. Level topline with a good reach of neck. Very good in the forehand and a wagging tail … irresistible!

  3. Clairedoree Class Act – A Kumar  – How well these baby puppies took to the ring, yet another wonderful dispostion on this puppy, so good to see him freestanding and so obviously enjoying the experience. Well angled giving a most appealing outline. Moved very well for one so young.

  4. Willowbrook Ardal Nelson – A Tru

  5. Westrova Alpha Hugo – F J Strover

  6. Dunglissen Cymbeline – J Brown

Minor Dog (6 entries, 0 absent)

  1. Naragold Merlin E Clark – Super shape and balance for one so young, superb forehand, gorgeous head and pigment giving a most typical expression. Well set on neck and dead level topline. Superb quarters, and very well bent stifles, perfect tail set, handled to advantage.

  2. Ambermist Grand Design – Parkridge Kennels This puppy is at his best on the move. Carried himself around a very large ring with confidence, to assess him standing seemed just too much to ask for!! He looks a little high over the quarters, but this is so typical for his age, he felt good to the hands and was even better on the eye, excellent head carriage for one so young, great tail carriage. He shows a great deal of promise.

  3. Conarhu Gonwith The Wind – R Connah  Good coat and condition on this young man, lovely head and expression. Well developed rear quarters but needs to develop in front. His handler really made the best of him, a good placing in a very nice baby puppy class.

  4. Giltedge Lennon S & K Handley

  5. Daylami Shogun Lodge F J Strover

Puppy Dog (6 entries, 1 absent)

  1. Giltedge After The Storm * S & K Handley – Wonderful disposition, he was very eager to show himself off, and what a lot he has to be pleased with! Great coat, good bone and neat feet well up on his pasterns. Gorgeous head and expression, level topline and well developed quarters. Has the promise to mature into something very nice.

  2. Dobro Ocean Cruise Goldshyne Kennels – Level topline on this puppy. Still needs to develop in forehand, but has time on his side for that. Good bone, well bent stifles, moved with drive and style.

  3. Ralun Quality Strikes R M Peirce – Liked this puppy very much, he took fright at something initially which unsettled him but on the move he came into his own, moving into a good stride with excellent forehand extension and head carriage. Beautiful coat, good front, head and expression were lovely.

  4. Swifttreve Dare To Dazzle – J Brown

  5. Nuswift The Dreamaker – N Brown

Junior Dog (12 entries, 1 absent)

1. Fantango Purple Rain J Dulke
Absolutely filled my eye as he came into the ring, a very impressive dog in many respects. Did not disappoint on closer examination, angles in all the right places, good front and bone. When he moved he looked a picture, with level topline and correct tail carriage, so many in this class had tails up like terriers, but such is Junior dog! Pushed hard for top honours.

2. Dobro Samurai Guy L Molnar,A Smith & K Keily

Cracking dog on the move, and when I looked him up in my catalogue I was not surprised to see that he was by Shogun. Carries himself round on the very best of feet, well up on his pasterns, drives well from strong quarters, I liked him very much.

3. Skybelle Maurice R Easton

Lovely balanced dog, another superb mover. Good front, and coat. Wonderful in front, not a big dog but has so much to offer. Utterley sound in every respect, beautiful head and expression, dark eye. Pushed hard to take this class, a trio of top quality males who could easily change places another day.

4. Erthley Rogue River S E Downs & S MacKenzie

5. Ashwind Rainbows N Spells H Keeling

6. Dancingate Trystyn Darcy T Lynch

VHC Goldenosprey Sea Change S Todd

Intermediate Dog (17 entries, 1 absent)

1. Kaparla Who Says So * R Thompson

This young dog presents a most wonderful outline. Symmetrical, balanced and powerful. Well chiselled head and muscular neck onto the very best of shoulders. Straight front and tidy elbows. Good rib with plenty of heart room, muscular loin. Strong legs and good second thighs. Hocks totally straight, well let down and powerful, giving plenty of drive from behind. This dog was my CC winner and when he came back into the ring the next day it was obviously going to be his show. A most worthy Best in Show winner.

2. Tulzean Porscha Pet M Patterson

Could carry a little more body to advantage but this dog has much to offer. Well balanced with good construction, shown and moved very well.

3. Grd Ch Yellowfetch As You Do C & K Lynch

Different type to the first two, but what a classy dog he is. Not big, but carries himself so well. A rich gold coat. Superb in forechest, with good depth and well sprung ribs.

4. Swiftteve Haris Tweed J Brown

5. Ralun New Ambassador R M Peirce

6. Ambermist Full Impact D Turner

Australian Bred Dog (16 entries, 1 absent)

1. Ch Kaparla None But The Brave H Morrison
Excellent construction on this blonde male. Very glamourous just dripping in coat. Swanned round this ring as if he owned the place! Good reach of neck onto the cleanest of shoulders flowing into a dead level topline with a perfect tailset. A very stylish dog.

2. Ch Chaleur Picture Perfect R Thompson

Liked this gold dog very much. Well named he is picture perfect! To be critical, for me I would have him carry a little more body but he is still very young and this will come with maturity. Utterly balanced he carries himself beautifully around the ring, a fit and easy mover, true action covering plenty of ground with the minimum of effort.

3. Nyrrae Taniths Toyboy Mrs R G Rayner

Deep gold dog in very good order, with a superb coat. The most beautiful head and expression, so very soft and gentle looking.

4. Grd Ch Buffalo Bel Ayre Prince J Brown

5. Ch Clairedoree Destiny J Halliwell

6. Ch Phileni Phoenix Rising E Pearman

Open Dog (14 entries, 2 absent)

1. Grd Ch Chaleur Acclaim To Fame * R Thompson

Mature cream of excellent proportions. Excellent crest of neck, well set on. Strong back and correct tail set which he holds perfectly on the move. Superb bone, the very best of fronts and good feet. Short coupled, well ribbed. Impressive dog with a personality to match. He was my reserve CC winner and later found out he was the sire of my dog CC winner. What a special dog he is, liked him very much.

2. Ch Giltedge Hemingway S & K Handley

A very masculine, impressive male. Liked his head and set on of neck. Strong back with good angles both fore and aft. Drives well from behind really covering the ground, continually takes the eye. Well handled.

3. Cinnmarsh Commedian (ImpUK) C Collis

Less mature than the first two dogs but could not be denied his place due to his superb construction. Particularly good in front with textbook Level topline, moved very soundly.

4. Ch Shogold Olympic Marathon S Downs

5. Ch Chaleur Quizmaster (AI) R Thompson

6. Ch Willowlawn Tweed (ImpUK) N Brown & J Brown


Baby Bitch (9 entries, 3 absent)

1. Goldtreve Camrose Jessie R M Peirce
Litter sister to the baby dog winner and so similar in many respects. Great mover, wagging tail a perfect showing dispostion. Totally balanced, on the very best of feet. I hope she has a great future.

2. Westrova Alpha Holly F J Strover

So close up to the winner, with all the essentials. Looking good at what can be a difficult age.

3. Piarki Show Golds Ivy S MacKenzie/S Downs

Very nice puppy with much to offer. Sweet expression, good reach of neck, level topline. A good frame to grow into.

4. Nugold Heaven Scent N Brown

5. Deventee Beat The Band K Brotherwood

6. Nugold In Lovin Memory N Brown

Minor Bitch (13 entries, 5 absent)

1. Parkridge Simply Red * Parkridge Kennels

Gorgeous puppy bitch in beautiful coat. A little high over the loin when standing but she settled totally on the move giving the most feminine outline. I liked her a lot. She certainly has everything I would be looking for in a minor puppy.

2. Alpengold Mystic Serenade B & L Taylor

Unlucky to meet Simply Red in such good form as this bitch puppy has much to offer. Good proportions and a wagging tail to boot! Lovely back end, moved and handled very well.

3. Ambermist Grace Inmotion D Turner

Raw puppy who gives her handler rather a hard time. She does however, come into her own on the move, so fluid and stylish, would love to see how she turns out as she has much promise.

4. Ambervalley Bonnie Banks J Foster

5. Conarhu Annie Getcha Gun R Connah

6. Tulzean Watersprite C Stafford

Puppy Bitch (7 entries, 0 absent)
Just an initial observation, a few white hairs on the chest are permissible, but do be careful about including dogs in your breeding programme with white chests, white toes etc. Tempting when so much else is right but it is a real fault.

1. Goldfleece Muscatel E Clark

My notes say, just scrummy!! Very pretty blonde bitch, very well angled with good neck and shoulders. Superb on the move, I am sure she will trouble the best as she matures.

2. Shogold Bold N Beautiful S Downs/S MacKenzie

Well angulated bitch puppy who gives a most balanced outline. Superb quarters, giving drive to her excellent movement. Her handler certainly gets the best out of her.

3. Swifttreve Just One Look J Brown

Deep gold bitch who invites more than one look! Dark eye, good through the front onto wonderfully neat feet. Lovely to go over, very easy on the eye, liked her very much.

4. Conarhu Scarlet Ohara F Strover

5. Nuswift Not For Sale N Brown

6. Bournbeau Judds Hill M Bourn

Junior Bitch (15 entries, 2 absent)

1. Dobro Free As A Bird (AI) * K Keily & A Smith

This bitch has all that it takes to get to the very top. Blue print construction in every respect. She was not however the most easy bitch to handle and nearly threw the class away on a couple of occasions, but when she was right she was simply stunning. Pale gold coat, beautiful head, dark eyes, giving the softest expression. How I wish she was mine, I just could not take my eyes off her. Took the reserve bitch CC in very hot company.

2. Yellowfetch Pixie Dust K Handley

Thought at first she was my class winner when I gave the class my first look, but to be very picky she was just a bit strong in the head for me, but what a fabulous bitch. Excellent construction, upper arm at the correct angle giving her plenty of forechest and lung room. Strong neck and straight front complete the picture. Well dropped into her stifles, well let down hocks, moved with style and purpose. Expertly handled.

3. Goldog Alpine Sheerbliss P Collman

Liked this bitch very much. Could carry more body to advantage but having said that she is very typical of her age. The maturity will come. Has all the essentials and is straight out of the top drawer. Did well to take a place in this very strong class, certainly the future looks good with so many quality bitches in the breed.

4. Nuswift Classic Mercedes N Brown

5. Ch Yellowfetch Lil Wonder C&K Lynch

6. Chaleur Witchery R Thompson

Intermediate Bitch (19 entries, 3 absent)

1. Arangold Jaded Lady (ImpNZ) D Turner

Total symmetry, not an easy bitch to present she is rather a fidget! Very animated which I rather like, good on the move. She has superb angulation, fit and is just right for her age.  Good eye and expression.

2. Montego Curtain Call R Easton

Very eye catching bitch, top quality in many respects. Great to go over with correct conformation. Very good over the quarters, strong hocks moving her well round the ring.

3. Ch Yellowfetch Pride Njoy C&K Lynch

Super bitch of excellent proportions. Very strong in the back end, straight front, good rib and short coupled. Moved as her conformation would suggest…..correctly.

4. Ch Shogold Whispering Breeze S Downs

5. Swifttreve Brushed Velvet J Brown

6. Roddenberry Bright Stream(ImpUK) B & J Moore

Australian Bred Bitch (21entries, 3 absent)
I was extremely pleased with my line up in this class, but as an overall observation, I would have to say there were a few too many lights eyes for my liking in this class.

1. Giltedge Charlotte * J McDonald/K Handley

Thought this bitch was quite outstanding. Mid gold, clean as a whistle, in absolutely top form. Carries just the right amount of weight. Has everything it needs to take on an excellent class and win it. Double coat in full bloom, tremendous stifles and second thigh, with good muscle tone. This bitch could trouble the best in any country I have judged in, a credit to her owners/breeders. She was my bitch CC winner but was unfortunately loosing her oomph by the challenge for Best in Show.

2. Ch Montego Airs & Graces R Easton

Very feminine bitch, utterly balanced and well made throughout. The very best pigment, with a lovely head and expression. Liked her very tremendously. A very worthy Champion.

3. Ch Clairedoree New Luv A Kumar

More solid all round than the first two, but so very well put together. Moved with great flair and drive. Very well handled.

4. Ch Kaparla Just An Illusion H Morrison

5. Ch Goldtreve Camrose Tia F & B Hession

6. Alpengold Sheer Fantasy Thompson/Greenwell

Open Bitch (24 entries, 7 absent)

1. Ch Montego Miranda CDX K Atkinson

Managed to get in front of this top flight trio and she actually pushed very hard for more. She has excellent conformation straight out of the text book, clean angles and good muscle tone. A delight to go over and a credit to her owner/breeder.

2. Ch Giltedge Virginia S&K Handley

Very similar remarks apply to this bitch who stood second in this super class, she is just bigger all through than Miranda. Superb conformation.

3. Ch Kaparla Loch Isle R Thompson

Plenty of flow and go on this very elegant bitch. I liked her very much. Good layback of shoulder, well ribbed and so very well made throughout. Good muscle tone giving her easy and stylish movement.

4. Grd Ch Clairedoree Luv To Dance A Kumar
5. Ch Fantango Romancn T Stone J Dulke
6. Ch Ambermist Im Iresisable D Turner