Judge:  Mr Roger Bridgeford (Vic)

Sire and Progeny:  Ch Acacian Special Event

Breeders Team:  Montego Knls No 1

Sire and Progeny

  1. Ch Acacian Special Event (Beaucroft Kennels)
  2. Ch Stanroph Shared Assets (imp UK) (E Smith and A Woodcock)
  3. Ch Rockgold Kiwi Kenobi (H Larsen)
Dam and Progeny
  1. Ch Giltedge Angel Dust (D Petterwood and K Handley)
  2. Yellowfetch What Next (K Lynch)
Breeders Team

  1. Montego Breeders Team No 1
  2. Montego Breeders Team No 2
Working Dog Class
  1. Gr Ch Yellowfetch Watzit to U (ET) (S Stephens)
  2. Ch O Ch Wysiwyg Colorado Avlanch (ET), UDX
  3. Ch Burragundy Brace Yourself (ET) (S Stephens)